Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Edusahayi Last Rank Explorer | Last rank details | KEAM 2012

Check out edusahayi last rank explorer

The entrance results are out and all are waiting for their admission in professional colleges. The admission is through centralized online allotment. So you must have a fair idea about what option you have to give. There are a large no of colleges and courses are available. For a student coming after entrance the main problems a student will face are

Check out edusahayi last rank explorer

  • Rating of colleges in Kerala.
  • Rating of course.
  • Personal preferences
  • Merit / Rank obtained

So going through the last years data is a good way to understand how students were opting courses in past. This can give a fair idea on demand for various courses and institutions. For helping students cee is publishing the last rank data of each allotment in their site. The main problem with this data is they are in pdf format and contain 10-15 pages so it is tedious to find data on particular course and compare them.

Here edusahayi introduces a dynamic last rank explorer in which you can explore through last three years last rank data with ease. It is a user friendly application which will be helpful for students.

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