Thursday, September 19, 2013

Free C Programming Book : C Sahayi C Solved Problems

Edusahayi - A leading educational site has released their free ebook "C Sahayi " in c programming last week. Its is collection of solved C programs. According to edusahayi

"After joining engineering degree C programming is the one of the subject people feel very tough. But it is very important to make friendship with C since it is an essential requirement for placement. Most of the students suffer in their practical examinations and interviews due to lack of practice in programming with right logic. Edusahayi is trying to help students with C Sahayi a free ebook which contain solved C Programming questions. We divided the entire C Programming topics to three ebooks. In this first book C Sahayi Part One: Basics you will find basic problems including control statements like if…else,nested if,switch,etc and loops including for,while,do…while and nested loops."

We recommend this book for engineering students in their interviews,lab exams etc.

You can download the book from for free

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